I’m not sure what to comment on first, so I’ll go with my gut and say you drive like a ninja! I see those three-point eye scans. You are prepared for whatever may befall you! (Friends quote, hopefully that flies.)

I couldn’t help but have a flashback as I was reading about the “doctor trampoline” you’re jumping on right now. My daughter was a day old and showing signs of jaundice. The chief pediatric somebody came in to show me charts and graphs of my daughter’s bilirubin metrics. I was listening as closely as I could and then the room went silent. “So what would you like to do?” she asked.

I was dumbfounded. Me? I’M THE ONE MAKING A MEDICAL DECISION ABOUT A BABY WHO IS 22 HOURS OLD? I don’t feel like it’s fair to ask any of us to make these calls. And I’m sorry to hear y’all are in that space right* now.

🙏🏼 4 🍑

*autocorrect tried to change “right” to “fight” three times but eventually the editor won out. “

“Space Fight: The Colon Months” could make a decent TV show title. Or Space Colon, for short.

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Wow--I really appreciated this video. Your sharing this experience is helping others, and I’m so down with that. Also, you guys are hilarious even in the midst of a crisis. I like reading (and watching) how you’re dealing with having two different approaches to choose between and how you’re making those decisions. The diagnosis is just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with cancer, and this helps others know that struggling with what to do is perfectly normal.

Continuing to pray for you and for those who are silently suffering through a similar diagnosis.

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"(who says WACK?)"

The same people that say "lickety-split" :)

Seriously though, kudos to you both for navigating this a balance of humor and pragmatism. That's no easy feat.

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You two make a good team. On following his lead—the mantra in our house during my breast cancer year (17 years out now and healthy 🙌) was, “The one with cancer gets to decide.” I do remember thinking that I didn’t mean deciding on my own treatment plan... Hope the MRI gets you closer to a clear path forward.

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Aww...maybe he will warm up to butt cancer if he hears it more in context.

Bryan's butt cancer is getting in the way of us making long term plans.

Bryan's butt cancer is making him feel sick.

Bryan has to have surgery for butt cancer.

Butt cancer is no fun.

But saying butt cancer makes it a little fun.

Butt cancer is making Bryan cranky.

If Bryan could just get over his butt cancer we could take a vacation.

Bryan can't be away from the bathroom for too long because...butt cancer.

Bryan needs to take a couple weeks off work for butt cancer.

I see your boob cancer and raise you a butt cancer.

Butt cancer will not kick Bryan's Butt

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The Elmo slide looking like a colon - Brilliant. And also the semi-colon comment. I'm sorry. It's SO good. Hope your end of week is a positive one and keep the good and not-so-good stuff coming by way of your writing.

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